It’s time to rethink your story.

Hey mama! We’re rooting for you.

We’re changing the conversation, taking the focus away from the obvious and talking about something that moms often overlook – themselves.

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Faith. Hope. Love. Mom Community started in 2015 as an event in response to the need for a safe place where mamas could talk and spend time with other women without judgment. We ditched the snarky personas and the meme culture to get the heart of what truly matters. And you know what we learned? We learned that it’s more than touting the need for self-care.

We also learned there’s a misconception that if mamas are able to empower their children, manage their stress levels better and have greater control over their finances, then they’d lead happier lives. We challenge this belief – our proof is undisputable – we believe by knowing who we are in Him first, then everything else falls into place. Now renamed FHL Mom Community, we want mamas to know that it’s time to rethink her story, and there’s a place to help her do just that.

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